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The Racibórz Community Foundation

The Racibórz Community Foundation serves over 60,000 inhabitants of the Racibórz community. The Racibórz Community Foundation was established in 1999 by the local leaders, representatives of local government and business. It is Foundation, which since 2005 has status of public benefit organization. According to its mission the Foundation analyses such local society needs and problems as social assistance, including help for families and persons with the hard living situation, health protection, education, culture and civil issues. The Foundation respond to them by running the programmes from its own resources and grants. To the end of 2011 grants and scholarships have been donated for the amount of PLN 1 159 978.


Duringthe years of its activity the Foundation performed a number of beneficial actions such as single mothers with the children being in the Single Mother's Home – “Oasis” programme; integration of handicapped children and youth with their age-mate from Racibórz – “Integration” programme; help children from the poorest families – “Share your meal”; “First schoolbag” programme (120 first-form pupils awarded their first school starter kit); for the benefit of support the people affected by cancer; for the benefit of persons victim as a result of the flood (collections for the amount of PLN 40 458).


Maria Wiecha
Prezes Zarządu

The Foundation have run also the programmes activated local society in the various aged range. For the young people, e.g.: competitions for the schools entitled “My place in my city”, “Time after the lessons I spent creatively” and “And You can become the philanthropist”. In order to integrate the youth and seniors the competition entitled “Time saved” was conducted. Programmes edited for the seniors aimed to energize the living activity of old persons, are e.g.: “Active autumn”, within the confines of which were organized integrated and educational activities for seniors.

The Foundation also runs Permanent programmes. First of allthose are the scholarship programmes, which help out financially gifted youth with limited means. We run our own programme “Mecenat” – its 13th edition has just started. Thanks to support of municipality and individual donators, to the end of 2011, 622 scholarships have been awarded for the amount of PLN 653 371.

The Foundation attended also in external scholarship programmes “Safety-Pin” and “Open Philharmonic of the Musical Safety-Pin” and also “My Scholarship”. At the request of donors the Foundation realized also the personal scholarship funds. Since 2007 permanent action of RCF become programme “Everything is ahead of me… so I click”, aimed to computer use learning and other information technology tools. Annually, we conduct four courses – two courses for the beginners and two for advanced people. 121 seniors have been trained so far.

The most important actions in 2011.

The aim of the actions is to gainthe resources for the grant programmes realization.
Run the XII and XIII edition of the scholarship programme MECENAT – 85 scholarships have been  awarded for the amount of PLN 49 000.
Participation in the external scholarship programme “Open Philharmonic of the Musical Safety-Pin”.
Continuation the programme “Everything is ahead of me… so I click” – 4 courses took place. As a result  38 seniors participated in the courses.
Strengthened the cooperation with the people affected by cancer from the Support Group “Hope”. Volunteer’s help in organization XIII Hope March, bike rally, pilgrimage to the Jasna Góra and integrated meetings.
Box collections was organized in order to gain financial resources to buy a stabilizer, that enables rehabilitation of Karol Kurpa. It was gathered PLN 9 598,88.

Good practice

For years of its operation, the Racibórz Community Foundation is perceived by the inhabitants as an open place where everyone can search for help, support and understanding for the problems affected the most needy. The organization has congregated around itself permanent cooperating groups of volunteers from various environments. Most of our scholars and a number of people supported by us come back to the Foundation to help the others as our volunteers. Thanks to that, the group of people involved in foundation work increase, resulting in awareness of real needs, problems and possible form of help, supported by the community interview.

Very successful venture, addressed to seniors, is organizing free computer courses and educational lessons. With pleasure, we observe how gladly the seniors receive each new obtained abilities. Educational lessons provide to the old people not only the knowledge but also sense of understanding and community - it divest complexes and often help to forget about daily loneliness. For many years the Foundation has cooperated with the support group “Hope” by Polish Anti-Cancer Committee Branch Racibórz, associating persons affected by cancer. In this spectrum of Foundation activity focuses on organizational help and psychological and spiritual support of needy people.

The amount of capital endowment as of 31.12.2011 is: PLN 874 614
Number of employees: 1 people
Number of volunteers: 12 regular and 25 for actions



The Racibórz Community Foundation 

ul. Rzeźnicza 8
47-400 Racibórz
KRS 0000128577
Regon 276825850

tel/fax 032 418 15 93

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