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Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif


The seat of the Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif is located in a small, mountain village Wójtowice, 1844 m from the point which  was called Polish – Czech border in the past (fast bird cover this distance in 40 seconds), 10 km from Bystrzyca Kłodzka and 110 km from Wrocław.


The Foundation operates for the benefit of 44500 inhabitants, in the area of 4 communes such as Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Międzylesie, Lądek Zdrój and Stronie Śląskie, which belong to the Kłodzko District, and which are located at the foot of Śnieżnik Massif. These are urban and rural communes and health resorts, which were seriously affected by the flood in 1997 and this event was directly related to the creation of a community foundation in this region. The initiative group was made of representatives of the local community: businessmen, teachers, directors of public institutions, journalists and members of local government. The idea of creating a philanthropic organization was supported by all four local governments. The Foundation began building its capital endowment with the first donation of USD 10,000, donated by individual sponsor (building businessman).


Dorota Komornicka
Prezes Zarządu


The Foundation provides financial support to all initiatives concerning: education, culture, sport, health, environmental protection and cross-border cooperation. Beneficiaries of the foundation include first of all children and youth groups gathered at schools, cultural centres, clubs and village councils, but also non-governmental organizations and groups of inhabitants.

The Foundation in 2011 gained over PLN 386 700, including the nationwide organizations (Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, The Stefan Batory Foundation, The POLSAT Foundation, Polish Children and Youth Foundation) and also from the local governments, companies and individual sponsors. The means gathered since the start-up of the foundation amount to PLN 4 886 700.

The 13 years old motto accompanying to fundraising activity: “You can still take, but it is about time to give!”

 Permanent programmes:

Grant programmes–The foundation has been one of the Local Grant Organizations  since 2002,operating within the programme “Act Locally”, it has been awarding grants for encouraging inhabitants to act for the common good.
Scholarship programmes - e.g.: “From hand to hand”, “My scholarship”, “Open Philharmonic of Musical Safety-Pin” and scholarships of the Mayor of Stronie Śląskie.
Rehabilitation offices – 10 offices where annual over 2000 young people are rehabilitated
Social room – 50 children from dysfunctional families attend in art, language, information technology, ecological and sport classes and also in events, concerts, expositions and trips.
Educational – in 2011 for the benefit of projects:
Don’t worry, be happy – which consisted in performing the examination of faulty posture and dental condition to children and youth. Additionally, workshop of dietetics and how to deal with stress was performed. And what is more, an assistive device, office equipment “light, sound and colour” were purchased and 5000 toothbrushes and toothpaste were dispensed for students from the area of 4 communes of Śnieżnik Massif.
“Connect to Marianna Orańska and her positive energy” – Marianna is our beautiful, literally and lyrically, local product and the chance for the tourism development in 4 communes. In the project, promoting her ideas and enterprise, attended over 600 direct producers and over 7000 participants.
Bystrzyca – picture – word – it is the youth’s project from High School in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, who are interested in journalism, photography and film.
We performed the campaign for the benefit of 1% of income tax from individual persons within the confines of Programme “Act Locally” and we gathered over PLN 40 000.
Study visits – in 2011 we showed our good practise to over 100 people from the various sides of Poland and abroad. We have organized study trip for students and teenage leaders of CFŚM to Łódź, Tczew and Nidzica. We are very grateful to the hosts for the great prepared program and warm welcome.

Currently we run the project full of taste, smells and colours: “Marianna Orańska – never ending story”.

The amount of capital endowment as of 31.12.2011 is: PLN524 555
Number of employees: 3
Number of volunteers: 10 regular and 100 for actions


Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif

Wójtowice, ul Górna 19
57-516 Stara Bystrzyca
KRS 0000063627
Regon 890719756

tel.: 74 811 18 80

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