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"Cooperation with business" - summary

The meeting took place in Nidzica 28 - 29 may 2012 in the residence of Nidzica Community Foundation - one of the founder member of Federation of Community Foundation in Poland. The meeting was dedicated to the subject of "Cooperation with business" and especially rules and forms of cooperation with business and working up the new methods of affiliating business in social activity. During the meeting, was also presented experiences of companies which cooperate with Nidzica Community Foundation in range of usage payroll and program "Nidzica Discount Card". About their experiences related representatives of: PSS Społem in Nidzica, Polish Association for Persons with Disabilities and Spółdzielczy Bank in Nidzica.

In the end of the first day of the meeting, participants visited Social Company Pottery Village in Kamionka.
The second day of the meeting cover the subject of "Marketing and promotion of cooperation with business". Then was presented various form of engage business in social activities for the benefit of ngo. All the participants received materials - exemplary dokuments using by Nidzica Community Foundation in cooperation with business.

The meeting summary:
1. Payroll as the effective form of cooperation with business and effective source of gaining the resources for Fund activity - the Funds assured of implement this method in organization activity.
2. Necessity of working up common standards of gaining 1% for statutory activities of the Funds - unification the form of promotion of cumulation 1% with special including local resources.
3. Elaboration the recommendation for community funds to establish the cooperation with Spółdzielczy Banks functioning on the area of Funds operations.
4. Cooperation with Polish Co-operative Bank - strategic/business partner of Federation
5. Promotion of Federation activities during all-Polish events and meetings with participation of ngo.
6. Declaration of participation in the next meeting of Community Foundations in Bystrzyca in 11-12 June 2012.

The meeting was led by Barbara Margol (Nidzica Community Foundation president) and the organization took up Agnieszka Bagińska (NCF coordinator).
In the meeting took part 18 people including Polish Community Foundations representatives:
- Ewa Bachman (The Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)
- Anna Tańska (The Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif )
- Wojciech Jankowski ("Przystań" Association)
- Janusz Fabrowski (Community Foundation in Kielce)
- Barbara Chmielecka (Sokółka Community Foundation)
- Eugeniusz Wiśniewski (Sokółka Community Foundation)
- Irena Gadaj (Biłgoraj Community Foundation)
- Natalia Ciosmak (Biłgoraj Community Foundation)
- Maciej Mulawa (Federation of Community Foundation in Poland)
- Magdalena Jaworska ("Generations" Foundation)
- Marcin Siemieńczuk ("Generations" Foundation)
- Barbara Margol (Nidzica Community Foundation )
- Agnieszka Bagińska (Nidzica Community Foundation )
- Marcin Rechulicz (Czajnia Association in Tomaszów Lubelski)

and representatives of local companies and organizations:
- Ewa Gałka (Polish Association for Persons with Disabilities in Nidzica)
- Bożena Szczypińska (Spółdzielczy Bank in Nidzica)
- Antoni Grochal (PSS Społem in Nidzica)
- Krzysztof Margol (The Nidzica Development Foundation “NIDA”) 

The training meeting took place within the confines of projekt "Institutional intensification of Federation CF in Poland" funded from Ch. S. Motta Foundation

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