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"Cooperation with local society" - summary

In 11 - 12 June 2012 it was an honor and pleasure to receive "creme de la creme" of Community Foundation in Poland. The meeting took place in Lądek Zdrój and we discussed about activities for the benefit of local society and about cooperation with environment, beautify our stories with good practice, which is many in Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif.

The answer for the question "what will help us with more effective activity for the benefit of local society and cooperation with environment?" demanded debate and sharing with experiences of all participants of the meeting. To sum up, we can say that to build social capital around common good and better cooperation with local society very important is:

1. Smart information policy (not billboards, banners, but personal contact, performing on public forum, participation in council sessions, school directors meetings, etc.)

2. In spite of constant, leading programmes it is important to taking new challenges, new programmes, creative actions. In spite of trainings, workshops and everlasting discussing about life truth to e.g. plant flowers in the town, making graffiti, organizing festivals, displays and creation Endowment Funds.

3. Promotion donators and projects producers: on the website or during open events - to commend, thank and be touched. Example: showing activities of project producers in form of photography display on the boards in the town centre. 

4. Remember that although we are "gregarious animals" that human likes to be treated individually, especially when he give his own money.

5. To give chance to little donators, to be able to arise preparing programmes, which consists many donators. The good example is Scholarship Programme "From hand to hand".

6. Remember that little amounts destined for local activities or public appreciating involved persons (e.g. The Donor of the Year) mobilize to further actions and really teach.

7. Remember that everyone, during taking some actions, wants to make "a little business".

8. To practise sometimes the policy of embarrassing and little extortion.

9. Remember that building the brand and gaining social trust is taking long time. Little gifts are not making friendship but sustain.

10. Good relations with Partners makes new donors and new  beneficiaries.



Leader of the meeting was Dorota Komornicka - president of the Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif.



In the meeting took part:



Irena Gadaj (Biłgoraj Community Foundationj)

Maciej Mulawa (Federation of Community Foundation in Poland)

Helena Kitzinger (The Racibórz Community Foundation)

Mateusz Wiecha (The Racibórz Community Foundation)

Julita Trzeciak (Sokółka Community Foundation)

Andrzej Horosz (Sokółka Community Foundation)

Jolanta Nowak (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Lesława Puk (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Elżbieta Kwaśniewska (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Teresa Sokołowska (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif )

Dorota Komornicka (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Karina Fuglińska (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Krzysztof Szot (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)

Ewa Bachman (Community Fund of Śnieżnik Massif)


Representants of CFSM Partners:


Zbigniew Łopusiewicz (Stronie Śląskie Mayor)

Krystyna Magierowska - Kasza (ZSO in Bystrzyca Kłodzka Director)

Ewa Karkocha – teacher in Gimnazjum in Bystrzyca Kłodzka, producer of many partnership projects

Jakub Chilicki ( Director of Education, Culture and Tourism Centre in Stronie Śląskie)

Olimpia Iwańska – Kruszyńska (National Association of Social Cooperatives Audit)

Ks. Tadeusz Tracz – producer of our common, partnership projects 

Irena Czaplińska – Sudety museum creator

Mariola Szufranowicz – pensioner

Roman Puk – businessman, donator

Zbigniew Szczygieł – past vice-marshal of Lower Silesia Province 

Krzysztof Komornicki (Wójtowice Association)

and 13 students from various places participating in project "Sudety Incubator of Local Activity"

Kąty Bystrzyca Lądek Zdrój Lądek Zdrój Stronie Śląskie Wójtowice - Huta

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