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Federation of Community Foundation in Poland (FCF) is an association which concentrate the Community Foundations in Poland. The destination of Federation is promotion of philanthropy and development of Community Foundations. The Federation was registered in March 2008.

A community foundation is a very modern model of a non-governmental organization. The unusual career and dynamic growth of community foundations, as observed in Poland and in the world, arises from its flexible formula and openness to satisfying needs of the community and of the donors. In the constantly changing scenery of needs and aspirations of local communities, a community foundation can easily find its place and quickly respond. Community foundations are not limited to one environment. They operate “on a seam”, joining environments of donors and of active citizens. They stimulate the circulation of money, ideas, and goods of various types in the community. They serve as a promoter for building common good in communities. They create real and effective partnerships, free from group egoisms and oriented towards community service. The change they are making is not fragmentary, since they operate very widely. By running local grant programmes, they can support many civic initiatives at the same time, which are run by non-governmental organizations, as well as by selfhelp movements, or neighbourhood initiatives. Community foundations, as organizations, are leaders of the community and they support local leaders. Thanks to community foundations, communities can communicate their diagnosed needs through positive values. Grant competitions, which are organized by community foundations, stimulate motivation and imagination of local social activists and volunteers. They provide them with a space to act.

The great strength of the community foundation is their incessant work with donors and search for financial means to satisfy the needs of local communities. They develop a fashion for charity, build social trust, create new rituals and recreate local traditions. Because of the professional character of community foundations and their operation based on high quality standards, transparency and prevention of conflicts of interests, the various needs of donors can be satisfied. They openly inform about realised projects and achieved results. Thanks to transparent reporting, citizens and donors know in what way the means raised by community foundations are spent.

Community foundations operate thanks volunteers, who work in committees and programmes run by very small and efficient teams of coordinators and animators. One of the greatest advantages of community foundations and their distinguishing features is the creation of capital endowment. Constant thinking about raising funds that would not only serve to solve current and future problems, helps to build programmes in a wider perspective.

Of course, community foundations in Poland incessantly strive for reaching the above-presented model in its entirety. The obstacles include regulations that impede working with donors, often low resources of the community in which they operate, or a non-existing or discontinued tradition of philanthropic operations. Frequently encountered problems include difficulties in obtaining human capital and emigration of leaders involved in the activities of community foundations. However, the results achieved by the network of community foundations operating in Poland command respect and are worth appreciation. It can be clearly seen that the model of organization exemplified by a community foundation meets our needs and the character of the community in which it operates.

Paweł Łukasiak

Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland


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