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C. F. Standards


Standards of Community Foundation activity




Community Foundation is an independent, apolitical, non profit-motivated, philanthropic organization. Foundation solicits for financial resources from various donors (individual and institutional), invests and build so-called capital endowment and profits gained from invested capital commits for supporting local society initiatives. Foundation satisfies specific local needs of inhabitants by e.g. scholarship programmes helping children and youth from destitute families to develop their talents, programmes, actions and educational campaigns that resolve local society problems.


CF supports actions for the benefit of improvement quality of local society life, inhabiting geographic area defined in the statute.


Beneficiaries of CF are non-governmental organizations, schools, culture houses, clubs, village council, groups of inhabitants, volunteers, scholars.


CF knows problems and needs of its environment and resolves them by supporting all local initiatives in: education and upbringing, ecology, culture, sport and tourism, health protection, social assistance and rehabilitation of invalid people, citizen security and other activities important for local society and donors.


CF as a leader in its society cooperate with many partners: local government, business, entrepreneur’s organizations, non-governmental organizations, media, experts, local activists.


CF is an organization prepared to satisfy current and future needs of local society, in this aim still increase its capital endowment.




CF is an organization registered in The National Court Register, operating as legal foundation or association. In the interim, but no longer than 3 years since CF creating, can function as separated project of other local organization.


CF operate according to its statute, act of law about associations or foundations and act of law on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work and all other acts of Polish and European law.


CF has clearly defined mission, geographical area of functioning and aims of action.


In the name of organization should appear words “community foundation” and geographical term of operation range.




1. In the Community Foundation registered as a foundation the most important organ is the Council, which represents donors and local society, defines the strategy, plans and controls actions of Foundation, approves annual reports, chooses Management Board, makes self-evaluation, actively attends in fundraising, cooperates with the Management Board and the office. Foundation Council composes of several people but not less than 3 and not more than 30 people. Functioning of Council is defined by the rules.

2. In the Community Foundation registered as an association, the most important organ is the General Assembly, which represents donors and local society, defines the strategy, plans actions, chooses the Management Board and actively attends in fundraising but controlling and supervisory function serve the Audit Committee.

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Members of the Foundation Council, General Assembly, Audit Committee and other Committee function without salary and take care to conflict of interest not happen.


Tenure of Council, Management Board, Audit Committee is defined in the statute of organization.


CF for the efficient activity appoints the committees e.g. grant, scholarship, fundraising, marketing, financial or periodic task groups. Committees can be permanent, periodic or one-time. The part of Committee can be persons from behind the CF Council.


1. The Management Board of CF is a collegial organ, composed of 3-9 people, different than Foundation Council and Audit Committee, leads whole activity and represents its outside.

2. The Management Board controls the fortune, receive donations, bailouts, inheritances and bequests, keeps donations book, employs employees, controls CF office work, makes and promulgates annual report of CF activity.


1. CF for the efficient donators service and realization of statute tasks, employs full-time employees (at least 1 person for full-time) and people within the mandate contract and contract of specified work.

2. People employed in CF should finish needful training and raise their qualifications up to date. Volunteers can help to operate the CF office.

3. The Foundation has got separated place, office to operate.

4. The office of CF should be equipped in needful office equipment, phone, computer connected to the Internet.

5. The office operates the Management Board, Foundation Council and Audit Committee.




1. Capital Endowment it is donations and other financial incomes connected to one pool, which is then invested to bring profit. The profit is earmarked for reinvestment, cover the administrative and statute costs of CF.

2. Community Foundation should dispose of capital endowment amount to not less than PLN 50.000.

3. Capital endowment is unalterable and still increasing.




CF recognize the problems and needs of local society, and to resolve this problems and counteract negative effects it cooperates with: local government, non-governmental organizations, business, public institutions including schools, culture houses, libraries, clubs, village councils and also with advisers and experts.




1. CF realize its statute aims by running open grant and scholarship competitions and also by realization own projects and programmes.

2. CF appropriates annually the amount of at least 5 % of capital endowment for  financing statutes activity.

3. Announcements about organizing the competitions, adequate rules and reports of activity are released to public information, including the CF website.


CF can realize own projects subsidized from external resources (European funds, grant organizations) provided that these projects are compatible with Foundation’s mission.


Community Foundation keep cooperation with local media. All essential information about CF are contained on the website, made current up to date.




1. According to Donators will, CF creates and support many various, independent constituent funds e.g.

a. Purposeful Fund – donator defines aim of donation,

b. Fund with donator’s consulting – donator attends in committee deliberations, suggesting the aims of destination,

c. Domain’s Fund – donator supports area of activity, e.g. related with environment and health protection, etc.

d. Personal Fund (physical persons, companies, organizations),

e. Endowment Funds

2. Constituent Funds have to support statutes aims of CF.


In fundraising actions should be involved all members and especially Council and Management Board and all office employee, friends and volunteers.


CF practises very different and variable in time fundraising methods (e.g. tax deduction, salary deduction, charity balls, public collections, lotteries, auctions, and apply the applications).


Every donation should be noted down in donator’s book and promptly receipted in writing.


Permanent donators and those who offer big amounts should be treated with special respect. If the donor wants to be anonymous, his will should be absolutely respected.


CF can receive financial donations, insurance policies, estates, bequests and others. Community Foundation can also receive material donations related with operating – making available office rooms and equipment unpaid, donating objects and articles for auctions and performing charity events.




1. CF cooperate with each other in order to exchanging the information and experiences about foundation functioning, realisation of common programmes, international exchange, organizing common trainings and operating used for building civil society.

2. Polish Community Foundations are represented by Federation of Community Foundation in Poland.




1. To FCF will be accepted Community Foundations and organizations functioning as a Community Foundation, which will guarantee compliance with all standards of CF in 2 years time.

2. Management Board of Federation of Community Foundation will make periodic verification of standards compliance by Community Foundation.

3. Community Foundation, which won’t comply with all standards in declared time, can be deleted from FCF. The final decision in this matter will make the Management Board of Federation of the Community Foundation in Poland.

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