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Projekt V4 dla Federacji FL

Szanowni Państwo miło mi poinformować, że nawiązaliśmy współpracę z Akademią Rozwoju Filantropi w Polsce przy kolejnym projekcie V4 CFMP. Proejkt dotyczy badań pt. “Open the eyes”

The small research “Open the eyes”



Aim: Learning from the CFs’ partners what kind of communication policy they would prefer in order to adjust the CFs’ communication strategies


Target: donors, media, beneficiaries, other partners

Draft topics:

1.       What kind of communication tools are important to use in terms of promotion social programs and community philanthropy according to the partners?

2.       What kind of values and features are associated with the community foundation/local ngos/community philanthropy?

3.       What kind of sources of information/tools do the partners use: websites (which one), newspapers (which one), newsletters, Youtube, Twitter, Facebbok, Google+,  Instagram, other tools, blogs (which one), etc.?

4.       What kind of information do they prefer: passive (reading messages, articles, watching something) or more interactive (taking part in events, commenting on something, etc.)?

5.       How often do they want to be inform about the activities?

6.       What kind of topics are the most interesting for them (integration, ecology, civic activity, youth, culture, sport, etc.)?

7.       What do the partners want to know: general information about something, reporting, information before something happens, participants’/beneficiaries comment and reaction, donors’ opinion about the activity,  data or stories, etc.?

8.       What kind of techniques do they prefer: reading text, watching short movie, listening to the report, visual materials, publications on paper, infographics, etc.?

9.       What kind of common mistakes do they suggest to avoid (specific topics, expressions, techniques, etc.)?

Method: on-line survey (or other if you prefer).


The main goal of the research is to enable adjusting the communication strategies of the CFs to the needs of your partners and CFs.  I'm sending you some very general ideas of what we  expect of such research, but please feel free to adjust it to your needs. We won't compare the surveys with other countries but we expect to get some kind of short report with the main conclusions.

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